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3 Bedroom Apartments Plus SQ at Woodley Springs Apartments Along Ngong Road.

Woodley Springs Apartments - 3 bedroom Apartments plus SQ To Let along Ngong Road In Woodley.

Woodley Springs Apartment is a timeless yet contemporary development strategically located off Ngong Road within a pristine gated neighbourhood with close proximity to major business and social amenities i.e. Shopping Centers, Schools, Hospitals, Sports facilities, Offices, Good Transport Links etc.

The luxurious apartments can be accessed through Suna road, which connects to Ngong Road at Adams Arcade roundabout.
Every inch of Woodley Springs Apartments has been designed to provide ultimate functionality and luxury, at the same time providing a perfect venue for family seclusion within a serene neighbourhood.

- A foyer entrance
- Living room
- Dining area
- Grand kitchen with pantry
- High spec fitted bathrooms
- Master ensuite
- Spacious fitted wardrobes
- Large french windows
- Vast balcony with magnificent views
- parquet floors
- Mahogany doors
- Stylish domestic quarters

- Lifts
- Borehole
- Backup generator
- Provision for solar water heating
- Perimeter wall with electric fence
- Gym
- Rooftop entertainment area
- Basement parking

Rent Per Month is Kshs. 80,000.

Talk to us Today for More Information and Viewing Appointments.
Call/ WhatsApp 0728 793 131.

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